About Historic Groton Bank

Groton Bank is a historic village on the east bank of the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut. Geographically it comprises less than a half square mile–about 1% of the Town of Groton and about 10% of the Town’s major subdivision, the City of Groton. Today the Groton Bank neighborhood contains a few hundred houses, three churches, a library, two museums, a Revolutionary War fort and business structures dating primarily from Colonial times to a century ago. Groton Bank and Fort Griswold are separate but adjacent Historic Districts listed on the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places.

Colonial re-enactors at Avery-Copp House on Groton Bank Day.

Groton Bank Day

Our mission
We will organize educational experiences, including an annual open house in the historic village of Groton Bank; inviting the public from near and far. Our goal is to remove barriers—such as admission costs and transportation— and to create a friendly, accessible environment for people to explore, learn and enjoy the amazing amount of history, technology, culture and arts in and near the Groton Bank neighborhood. The experiences will be educational resources and a source of pride in our region.

Our Board & Committee

Tom Althuis
Susan Archer, Treasurer
Sue Bergeron
Lewis Clark
Wendy Connal, Vice President
Jacqui Copp, President
Leslie Evans, Secretary
Marian Galbraith
Keith Hedrick
Emily Lavoie
Irma Streeter
Mark Whalen